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Leather Repair Southampton
TEL: 02380 393120 / 07908 152038
Leather Repair Southampton


Tel: 02380 393120 / 07908 152038

Providing Professional cleaning & repairs to all damaged
leather items

Rips, Tears & Cuts. Repair Antique & Two tone finishes

Peeling colour. Rough and cracked leather

Cat scratches, Drastic colour loss

Scuffs & scratches, Burns & heat marks

Holes, Stains
Leather sofa before and after repair
Has your leather furniture or car interior leather started to look tired & dirty with a few scuffs, scratches & stains? Are
you thinking it’s time to spend your hard earned money on a replacement?

Leather repairs from Scuffs and scrapes, rips and tears, cigarette burns, cat scratches, colour wear and fade can all be repaired with our
excellent colour matching techniques we can repair then re-colour your leather Furniture & upholstery to an excellent standard.

Leather should be cleaned and cared for using the correct products and care procedure.

Always use the correct leather cleaning products as most household cleaners can cause severe damage and lead to costly leather repairs.

Like our skin, leather can dry out, harden and even crack if incorrect products are used or if the leather is not looked after properly.

We don't just clean leather; we also apply conditioner, protectors and aroma treatments to your leather to make it look
and smell like new. It is crucial not to just clean leather but to have it fed and protected.

We find that most leather cleaners you can buy in the shop just don't cut through the dirt and grease that your leather suite holds. A lot of
customers we have spoken to, also have been advised to use baby wipes to clean new leather suites. Please ignore this advice this can only
lead to damage to the finish of the leather removing the protector and possibly the colour too.

When we clean your leather we take several things into consideration. We evaluate your leather to identify the type of leather it is and if
there are any structural damages to the leathers finish or pigmented coating. From the information we obtain carrying out these tests we'll
then select the correct cleaning product and method for the specific job. We then skilfully hand-clean your leather furniture and attempt
all stain removal.

We will also give you recommendations about future leather care to help you make the most out of your purchase.

We can also clean and repair leather seats in your car, boat, motorcycle .

We also carry out a stain removal service. We use a stain treatment to remove the stain. If there is any discolouration, we'll match the
colour of your leather and touch the stained area in. after removing the stain, and apply protectors to the leather to reduce future staining.
Why leather should be cared for?

The obvious reason is so it looks nice and new again, but if your leather is dirty; the dirt can also damage the leather and so your leather
won't last as long as it would normally have done. Dirt also gets into creases and cracks and holds them open, which can make your leather
look very old and worn, again causing the damage to get worse as the leather ages.

Leather is a natural material, just like our skin and if it isn't moisturised on a regular basis it will start to dry out. Drying of the leather can
then lead to the leather becoming hard, stiff and eventually cracking. We use a formulated ingredient rich leather conditioner that will
soften and revive even the most dried out leathers bringing life back into your upholstery.

We can also apply protection creams to the leathers surface to aid durability, help repel stains, prevent the absorption of dirt, oils and
grease and also help block out sun rays that will fade the leather.

We can clean:
Pigmented, Aniline, Waxed, Suede and all other special leather finishes.

Leather repair Southampton offering a complete repair & restoration service to all items of leather Furniture & Upholstery. For Carpet &
Upholstery soft furnishings and general cleaning please visit our sister site:


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Leather Repair Southampton
TEL: 02380 393120/ 07908 152038